The Change Academy


To design a logo for a new department in the NHS. This department involves 4 NHS areas of London. They come together to discuss improvements and changes required to improve the NHS.


The chosen logo concentrated on the area of ‘change’ taking into account the 4 different areas involved. The change is represented with the imagery of a square morphing into a circle. The shape is broken up into 4 elements to make up the 4 NHS areas. The imagery also represents the networking involved as they appear interlinked. The colours had to be non-political so purple and magenta were chosen. These are also considered positive colours.

Other designs pictured below are some of the rejected designs.
Logo bottom left: represented change and pictured this through the use of fonts. This also pictures the diversity of the different NHS areas coming together.
Logo bottom right: represented the 4 NHS area. This portrays the area of communication between the 4 different areas to bring change. The speech marks were created as heads of the people.